National Association of Muslim Police

The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) was launched in July 2007 to act as the umbrella organisation for local Associations of Muslim Police. NAMP is estimated to have over 2000 members across England and Wales.

The main aims of the association are:

  • To support Recruitment/Retention/Progression of Muslim officers and staff
  • To support members across a range of welfare needs
  • Promote a wider understanding of Islam within the service
  • Tackle Islamophobia and Anti Muslim Hate Crime
  • Improve Community Cohesion and enhance Trust/ Confidence in our communities
  • To assist with Countering Terrorism

NAMP plays an important role in bridging the gap between the police and the Muslim community and furthering the work of the police with all its communities in the UK. NAMP is dedicated to ensuring the Muslim community better understands the work of the Police and works tirelessly on improving trust and confidence in the police service amongst  Muslim communities.
Muslims are the largest minority community in the UK and the 2nd largest faith community. NAMP is the only organisation that represents the interest of the Muslim communities within the Police Service. NAMP's constitution is an example of best practice because it allows local Association of Muslim Police (AMP) chairs to sit on the national committee which ensures a truly joint approach between the local AMP’s and NAMP. NAMP was set up to act as a bridge between the Police and the Muslim communities; this is why NAMP has a big external focus. They work closely with the Muslim communities and the police to address areas of concerns. Their work is sensible and pragmatic and they work effectively behind the scenes to assist the Police service and Muslim communities. The concept of NAMP does not exist anywhere else in the world. NAMP is a faith based organisation not associated to any sect or strand of Islam.
Community work:
NAMP has organised local, regional and National community meetings on key issues. They have strong links with many Muslim Organisations. In addition to these links they have excellent links with Mosques and Muslim charities. Their local Associations play an active part in local communities and have delivered many community based projects. They also provide advice and guidance to the Muslim communities on issues related to police and work with the police to ensure that the communities understand the work of the police.